5 ways to get from the airport to Medellín

5 ways to get from the airport to Medellín

There are a number of ways to get from the José María Córdova airport to Medellin. Here at Medellin Airport Transfer we want to make sure that every single visitor to this beautiful city gets here safely and with the best transport option that suits them. Different travelers need different options based on factors such as price, comfort, safety, time limits and many more. 

Medellin’s airport is located 1 hour away from the city, here are 5 ways to get to Medellin from the Airport:

1. Pre-booked transport with Medellin Airport Transfer

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Comfort: 100% | Budget: 80% | Safety: 100%

This service is for travelers that want to pre-book their journey online. This means that there will be no need to exchange money with the driver. Everything will be ready once you have arrived so that you can sit back and enjoy the journey. The vehicles that Medellin Airport Transfer uses are all new models to ensure your comfort and safety. You will also be able to stop for an hour at a restaurant on the way to the city, free of charge.

Your driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall with your name clearly displayed on a board. The driver will already have your destination details so you don’t need to worry about explaining your final address. All of our vehicles and drivers are registered with the Colombian Tourist Board to ensure your complete safety.

2. Public Taxi

Taxi in Medellin

Comfort:65% | Budget: 75% | Safety: 60%

Outside the arrivals hall you will likely be greeted by many taxi drivers asking for your custom. Although you may hear horror stories about public taxis in Medellin it is very unlikely to happen to you. Like most taxis this is a no-frills service and drivers are unlikely to understand English so make sure that you have your final address written clearly if you don’t speak Spanish. The price of a taxi varies but make sure you research this as many visitors to Medellin have been asked to pay over the normal rate without knowing.

Make sure that you have enough Colombian money to pay for your journey before starting your journey. Many public taxis will charge you for stopping at an ATM machine.

3. Shared taxi

Comfort: 65% | Budget: 80% | Safety: 60%

Stepping outside of the airport you will see a set of white taxis to your right-hand side, these are shared taxis. The drivers will wait until they have four passengers before heading back to the city. Like the bus service, a shared taxi will only stop at the San Diego shopping mall on the outskirts of the city. From there you will need to take a bus or a private taxi to your final destination.

Make sure that you agree a price with the driver before leaving the airport as prices can vary, and drivers sometimes charge different prices to different passengers.

4. Bus

Comfort: 50% | Budget: 90% | Safety: 60%

Outside the arrivals hall look to your right-hand side and you will see the small bus stop. These buses run regularly and you will not have to wait long to get a seat. However, it is sometimes a squeeze! Especially if you have lots of luggage or a large suitcase.

Once you are on the bus you and the other passengers will be taken to the San Diego Mall on the edge of the city. From here you will have to take a public taxi or another bus to your final destination. The bus is a great option for anyone traveling light and on a low budget. Just be aware that this option will not take you to your final destination and isn’t comfortable for anyone traveling with lots of belongings. If you are arriving into Colombia from a foreign country make sure that you have some Colombian money before getting on the bus.

5. Helicopter (Yes seriously)

Comfort: 100% | Budget: 40% | Safety: 80%

It’s 2018 and you can take a helicopter from the airport to Medellin, what a time to be alive! However, this is all about the experience and very little to do with practicality. You will be dropped off (in unbeatable style) at Medellin’s city airport from where you’ll have to take a taxi (or a bus if the helicopter ate up all your budget). Expect to reach deep into your pockets for this memorable experience.

Update: Helicopter pick ups are no longer available.

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