Laureles, a vibrant Medellin neighborhood, was just named the coolest in the world.

When you think of the coolest neighborhoods in the world, places like New York’s Williamsburg or London’s Shoreditch might come to mind. However, in a surprising twist, Laureles, a charming neighborhood in Medellin, Colombia, has recently been crowned the “Coolest Neighborhood in the World” by TimeOut. Yes, you read that right!

TimeOut recently published an article declaring Laureles as the coolest neighborhood in the world. 

And we couldn’t agree more. According to us, what really makes Laureles shine is its community. You’ll find a diverse bunch of locals, expats, and travelers, all living together in harmony. There’s a welcoming vibe that’s hard to find elsewhere, and a strong sense of safety that allows you to explore day or night. 

And, let’s not forget the culture. Laureles is a hub for music, art, and dance. There’s always something exciting happening, from festivals to live music shows. It’s a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the heart of Medellin’s culture.

So, why wait? Come and experience Laureles – the coolest neighborhood in the world. We can’t wait to welcome you with open arms.

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