Medellin Airport

What to expect at Medellin International Airport

If you’re flying into or out of Medellin International Airport you might want to know some important information that will make your time there go as smoothly as possible. In today’s blog we’ll share some tips from what to do while waiting for your plane, how to get online and how long you should expect to wait in the immigration lines.


You will find an ATM machine next to the main doors of the arrivals lounge just outside of the baggage belts. You might want to research your bank’s charges for using overseas ATMs. Some Colombian ATMs also charge for withdrawals. If you are arriving into Medellin and want to travel to the city Medellin Airport Transfer allows you to pre-pay for your taxi online, meaning you can find the right ATM when and where you want in the city.

Airport ATM

Check-in Desks

Once you enter the airport you will see signs pointing you in the right direction toward your airline’s check in desk. As the airport is relatively small each company’s desk is easy to find. Give yourself a good amount of time to check your bags in.

International and Domestic Terminals

Jose Maria Cordova Airport has both international and domestic terminals. However, these terminals are not far from each other so you do not need to worry about asking your taxi driver to take you to a specific area. As you enter the airport domestic flights will be on your right and international flights to your left.

Man at the airport

Transport to or from city

Medellin Airport Transfer offers a pre-paid service in US dollars. You also have the choice of an English speaking driver. Our service is safe, reliable and on-time and the driver will already know your drop-off address and no money needs to change hands. You can also take a local taxi from outside the airport or take the bus which will drop you off at San Diego Shopping Mall.

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Shops and restaurants

Once you enter the airport you will see many small stalls selling coffee, souvenirs and snacks such as sandwiches. If you have a long wait before your flight it might be worth having a bite to eat and a coffee before you go through security.

Once through security you will find a small duty free area and more coffee and snack stalls. The most recognisable food option is a recently opened Burger King. Compared to bigger modern airports it can be a boring place to wait for your flight!


However, Medellin Airport does offer free WiFi and it’s not limited to a half hour session! You can easily connect (connection is better once you have passed through security) and surf the web to your heart’s content.


If you are flying into Medellin International Airport from abroad you will need to go through Immigration. The time you can expect to wait can vary but usually you will be through within 20 to 30 minutes. In most cases you will be given a 3 month visa upon entry.

Passport airport


Going through security at Medellin’s Airport is a quick and hassle free experience. Expect it to take a maximum of ten minutes. Standard security procedures apply.

We recommend that you allow yourself at least and hour and a half before domestic flights and two and a half hours for international flights. This will allow you plenty of time to catch your flight.


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