Top 7 Alternative things to do in Medellín

There are lots of things to do in Medellin and the tourist trail is very busy all of the time. But there are a few hidden gems that aren’t so well known. Today’s blog lists the top 7 alternative things to do in Medellin. Welcome to your new Medellin bucket list!

7. Paragliding

An absolute must! Paragliding is so much fun that you’ll be smiling the entire flight and for days after. The main paragliding site to get your adrenaline kick is San Felix which is high up on the mountain side. An experienced pilot will take you floating over the city, a completely unique and special way to see it from the bird’s eye view.

6. The 3 Cordilleras Brewery

Every Thursday evening the Tres Cordilleras Brewery is full of people drinking this very good artisan beer. You’ll love the live music and the electric atmosphere! For 23000 Pesos you will get 5 beers and the glass which is a really good deal. Check it out!

3 Cordilleras, Medellin

5. Colectivo Ciclas

A fantastic community project that brings together thousands of people and their bicycles. Bring a bicycle and be part of this mega group! There are all kinds of riders from parents and kids to professionals (or just really nice bikes). The tour takes place every Wednesday and they change their route every week, but the average distance is around 16km.

Colectivo Ciclas, Medellin

4. Free Walking Tour

This Free Walking tour is the best way to get to know Medellin if you are a first time visitor. It’s a very comprehensive history and culture tour that is hosted by very friendly and funny locals. You’ll find out about all the good and bad history and where it happened making in fun and interactive. You can book yourself on any tour from Monday to Friday at both 9am or 2pm. Just book online at the Real Walking Tour Website.

Free walking tour, Medellin

3. Metro Cables

Medellin’s metro cables are the envy of many a city planner! The sore above the city and climb up and over the mountainsides. You have to take a ride up to Park Arvi and see the mountainside neighbourhoods from above. Once you get to the end you will be in the beautiful and fresh forest where you can hike, relax or have a cup of hot coco.

Metrocable, Medellin

2. Pueblito Paisa

In the heart of the city close to Laureles there is a small town that has been preserved to show Medellin’s colonial culture and style. Set on the top of a big hill it is advisable to take a taxi if you don’t want to spend half the day walking. At the top there is a simple museum, shops and an incredible view over the entire city.

Pueblito Paisa, Medellin

1. Watch a Football Match

Medellin loves football! While you’re in town you should get yourself a ticket and watch one of the sold out matches. The stadium is used by two teams, Nacional and Medellin so make sure you wear the correct shirt! By tickets at least a couple days in advance. You’ll find official ticket windows at the stadium.

Football match, estadio in Medellin

These alternative things to do in Medellin will get you to know Medellin very well. Some activities are more popular than others but you will be guaranteed to have a great time. If you have any more tips that we should add to the list leave a comment below.

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