5 ways to get from the airport to Medellin

Medellin JMC Airport Transport Options

The José María Córdoba Airport (JMC Airport) is located about 50 kilometers (32 miles) from the city of Medellín. The route that takes you there, although paved with excellent, modern roads, is not the easiest to travel since there are lots and lots of curves, and much of the journey is on very steep mountain roads.

Because of this, the 50-kilometer journey to JMC Airport can take around an hour. There is also lots of traffic on the road, which can make the journey even longer. Most visitors to Medellin have to take this journey, as all international flights, and most domestic flights arrive at the JMC Airport.

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How to get to or from JMC Airport

At the moment there is a wide variety of options to get to Medellin JMC Airport. For example, behind the Hotel Nutibara, located in the downtown area of the city, buses depart between every 30 to 45 minutes. If you are arriving to the airport from abroad, you will be able to identify these buses when leaving the JMC Airport because there is always a long line of people waiting for their seat. It is a good option, but it has its limitations and for many people, plus it is not very comfortable because the busses are very small and often quite old.

Meanwhile, next to the gas station near the San Diego Shopping Center, you will find white taxis that can take you to JMC Airport. Although you will also have to wait your turn and you will need to synchronize your schedule with the service, so you don’t miss your flight. Many people don’t use this option as they find that the taxis are somewhat crowded to travel as the owners try to fill the cars with as many people as possible. In both cases the service goes from the city to the JMC Airport and vice versa.

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The Medellin Airport Transfer Service

Our company Medellin Airport Transfer offers Safe, Reliable, and On Time transport services to Medellin JMC Airport and Medellin. If you book our service and you are the only traveler, you will be the only passenger in the car so you can relax and enjoy the ride. Our drivers will be waiting for you at the airport exit, with your name clearly displayed so you can identify your driver. After that, the driver will travel to the city and drop you off right at your hotel. This service works both ways, so once your travel days are completed we can pick you up at your hotel or apartment and leave you at the airport with minimum fuss and in complete comfort.

We guarantee that thanks to our fleet of modern, safe, and spacious vehicles, you will travel in total comfort. If you want to turn on the air conditioning, the driver will do it with pleasure, just as he will change to the music or radio station that you want to listen to. With our service, we will always know what’s happening with your flight schedule so you can arrive to the airport in a timely manner, not too sooner or late. Any setback that occurs, you can communicate with us through our live chat service, phone, or whatsapp. We take great pride in our service, so if your flight is canceled, our driver will wait until it arrives. That way, our Medellin Airport service will always adapt to your schedule.

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The Benefits of Using Medellin Airport Transfer

With our service the price you pay is what it should be, we’re honest and transparent. Unfortunately, in some cases, other transport services from the JMC Airport, raise the price by recognizing that you are a tourist. Although such abuse is sometimes insignificant and even if the driver has to follow the law, respecting the established prices, some usually ignore this rule. By booking with Medellin Airport Transfer you pay directly with your credit card using our secure online payment platform. If, for example, you are from Spain or Germany, taking into account that your local currency is the euro, you will make the transaction in your own currency.

This will save you having to worry about giving your first Colombian peso bills to a random driver, when at that moment what matters most is arriving at your hotel and resting, or getting to the airport on time so that you don’t miss your flight.

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