Why Medellin is becoming a Latin American hotspot

More and more foreigners choose Medellin as their homebase. Being close to the United States with affordable flights, and great weather all year round are just two reasons for many expats to settle down here. We listed a few other reasons that make Medellin an attractive city to live in.


Latin America has so much to see and do that a traditional two-week holiday just won’t suffice. A growing number of people are using Medellin as a ‘homebase’ to explore the continent. Flights to Peru, Ecuador and other cities around Colombia can be found for as little as $30. A weekend trip to the beautiful Caribbean or mystical Machu Picchu is very affordable and only a short flight away. If you come to Medellin you will hear lots of stories of people doing exactly this, working hard in the city and getting away for incredible weekends.

Digital nomad base

Times are changing and more and more people are working online, allowing them to work and live anywhere. Medellin is attracting a lot of these people. Coworking spaces (private and shared offices) are opening up everywhere and being filled with foreigners and locals alike. Places like Coecoworking and Atom House are attracting startups and online workers because of their entrepreneurial vibe and spirit. They are perfect places to learn from others, get advice on how to succeed and make like-minded friends in no time at all. If you’re able to live and work anywhere there’s little doubt that Medellin is already on your radar.

A modern city

Travelling through Latin America can be a bit of a challenge. Long bus journeys and not-so-beautiful cities can get on top of anyone, but when people first arrive in Medellin it feels different. The clean streets, impeccable metro system, modern restaurants and bars, coworking spaces, and quality language schools make for a place that is very difficult to leave – and a lot of people don’t. One of the main reasons for living in Medellin is “I just never left!”. Medellin is a modern city, especially after spending time in other cities around Latin America.

It’s a challenge

It’s 2016 and many people are looking for something more than a traditional 9-5, 5 days a week existence. Coming to stay in Medellin is attractive to many people because it offers a challenge, something different, a little bit out of the comfort zone. You can learn Spanish, a really great challenge that is definitely achievable living here!

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